200 Cartas – TTFF
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200 Cartas Bruno Irizarry, Javier Enrique Perez 2013 | Puerto Rico | English, Spanish |
| Narrative Feature

Raúl is a comic-book artist living in New York. One night in a bar he meets María, a young Puerto Rican woman visiting the city. When a fight breaks out they find themselves suddenly separated. Having been struck by love at first sight, Raúl travels to Puerto Rico in search of Maria, and winds up having the adventure of his life. This is a romantic comedy with plenty of charm and a winning spirit.

Produced by : Javier Enrique Perez

Cast: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jaime Camil, Dayanara Torres, Monica Steuer, Mayra Matos Perez

Awards: "Best Supporting Actor" (Jaime Camil) - Premios ACE, 2014.

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  • love at first sight, road movie, love letter, comic book artist, animation