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Almacita di Desolato Felix de Rooy, Norman de Palm 1986 | Curaçao, Netherlands | Dutch, Papiamento |
| Narrative Feature

Based on old legends, "Almacita di Desolato" depicts a fictional agricultural community in an isolated part of Curaçao at the turn of the century. During a long drought, Solem uses her magical powers to protect her village from evil spirits. She also provides food, searching the wilderness for edible plants. During one foraging mission, she encounters an evil spirit who impregnates her. Solem's fellow villagers believe her power to be derived from her virginity, and when she gives birth they ostracise her. She then embarks on a quest to purify herself and restore balance to the world.

Produced by : Norman de Palm

Cast: Marian Rolle, Gwendomar Roosje, Ubi Kirindongo

Awards: "Paul Robeson Prize for Best Diaspora Film" - FESPACO, 1991

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  • sorceress, seduction, spirits, legend