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Biguine Guy Deslauriers, Kreol productions, RFO, Yasmina Hou-You-Fat 2004 | Martinique, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

It is the end of the 19th century in Martinique. Leaving the plantation where they work, Hermansia and Tiquitaque, two musicians, decide to settle in Saint-Pierre, at a time when the town is the cultural focus of the Caribbean. But they quickly become disenchanted. Western music is all people want to hear, and their “folk music” from the plantation is rejected. Thus begins a long saga, in which they learn these new sounds from other places. Their talent eventually leads to the creation of the Biguine, a distant cousin of jazz, a mixed creation, full of vitality, which becomes the symbol of Saint-Pierre.

Produced by : Kreol productions, RFO, Yasmina Hou-You-Fat

Cast: Micheline Mona, Max Max Télèphe

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