Fureurs et Silences, Un conflit social en Martinique – TTFF
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Fureurs et Silences, Un conflit social en Martinique Christiane Succab-Goldman, KS VISIONS 2000 | Guadeloupe | French |
| Feature Documentary

On the 26th of May 1999, the “Toyota conflict” began in Martinique. It was a conflict that would disrupt life on the island for several months, and forever leave its mark on people’s memories. It all began with a strike at the CCIE company, a Toyota dealership. A lack of dialogue between bosses and trade unionists quickly added fuel to the fire, unleashing a cycle of rage. “Fureurs et Silences” (Anger and silence) takes a cold look at this affair. The camera feels out past occurrences, stopping to highlight their full extent and the excesses that are hidden or avoided today. It explores the words of the main players after the conflict, thus drawing attention to elements such as reflection and introspection, which were swept aside by the urgency of the situation.

Produced by : KS VISIONS

  • keywords:
  • postcolonial, strike, trade unions, violence, hatred, race issues