Les Secrets des Forteresses – TTFF
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Les Secrets des Forteresses Patrick Beaucelin, Patrick Beaucelin 2011 | Martinique | French |
| Feature Documentary

Caribbean forts and fortresses were the only form of defence for Caribbean islands against invasions by the English, French, Dutch and Spanish over the centuries. Whether they are known or unknown, in ruins or still proudly standing on their towers, each of these fortresses has a history, and resonates with its glorious past. Enter a mysterious world that will share some of its secrets.

Produced by : Patrick Beaucelin

Awards: Best Documentary Film - Festival Cinamazonia, 2011.

Winner - New York Film Festival, Las Vegas, 2012.

Gold Award - Houston Film Festival, 2012.

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  • fort, defense, memory, colonialism, recreated battles, historic sites