Tet Grenne – TTFF
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Tet Grenne Christian Grandman, Sophie Salbot (Athénaïse) 2000 | Guadeloupe, France | French |
| Narrative Feature

Richard, Roland and his daughter Muriel live in three abandoned buses on a piece of land on the edge of Point-à-Pitre. Concerned about Muriel’s mental health, Roland plans to send her to France for care. He is depending on help from Sally, a Dominican woman he had received at their camp in Tet Grenné. At 35, Richard, who was raised by Roland, can never find a direction for his life. Teddy is a young boy whose life is in crisis, and who often seeks comfort in his company. This and the threat of expulsion from Tèt Grenné, force him to come to his senses.

Produced by : Sophie Salbot (Athénaïse)

Cast: Alex Descas,
Christian Joseph Mathurin,
Thérence Brouta,
CCH Pounder,
Mostéfa Djadjam

Awards: Best Caribbean Film - FESPACO, 2003.

  • keywords:
  • homelessness, mental health, treatment, friendship