Zétwal – TTFF
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Zétwal Gilles Elie Dit Cosaque, La Maison Garage, RFO 2008 | Martinique, France | French |
| Feature Documentary

In 1974, when Martinique was experiencing a crucial year, one man, Robert Saint Rose managed to get politicians, scientists and other local personalities to follow him in an apparently foolhardy project – building a rocket, so that the first Frenchman in space would be from the Caribbean, thus restoring pride to a people disoriented by their economic and identity problems. Robert Saint Rose is soon given the nickname “Zétwal”, or star in creole. A self-taught do-it-yourselfer and former footballer, he abandons his campaign to move to Fort-de-France. This film returns to examines Robert Saint Rose’s fate, as well as the portrait of a man, a dream and a society.

Produced by : La Maison Garage, RFO

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  • space race, dream, portrait